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Dutch senate debates Remote Gaming Bill and Casino Reform Bill – part 2

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The second term of the senate debate just concluded with a rather unexpected demand for additional written answers to three questions, which the Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker promised to provide by Friday at the latest.

If everything goes well, the debate can still be finished next Tuesday, with a final vote to follow on the same day. But will Minister Dekker's answers satisfy the Senate? At this point, who knows?

To summarize:

  • While there seems to exist a solid majority for the regulation of online gaming in the Senate, it is now suddenly unclear whether there is also a majority for the Remote Gaming Bill in its present form. Despite our earlier optimism, the bill appears to be in at least some danger. If the Senate rejects the bill, we'll have to go back to the Lower House.

  • The Casino Reform Bill appears DOA. Perhaps sensing the mood of the Upper House, Minister Dekker did not exactly mount a vigorous defense.

As it happened

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