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Dutch government announces new online gambling marketing restrictions

Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind has announced new online gambling marketing and advertising restrictions less than six months after the opening of the country's regulated online market.

In a letter to the Lower House of Dutch Parliament, Weerwind announced that the government would propose an amendment to the Dutch Gambling Act with the aim of banning all “untargeted” online gambling advertising.

As the adoption and entry into force of new legislation will take considerable time – the new legislation isn't expected until 2023 at the earliest – the Minister further announced changes in secondary legislation, some of which could enter into force as early in June.

In the meantime, trade associations NOGA and VNLOK agreed to a wide range of new, voluntary advertising restrictions that would enter into force in the coming weeks. These restrictions will include:

  • No radio, print, or outdoor advertising

  • The watershed for TV advertising will be moved back from 21:00 to 22:00

  • Additional restrictions on bonus marketing

  • An 8 hr/day playing time limit (poker tournaments and sports betting excepted)

  • No more de facto unlimited deposit limits

  • Role models used in ads must be at least 35 years old

Although trade groups NOGA and VNLOK expressed willingness to abide by additional advertising and marketing restrictions, they also demanded extra measures and interventions to limit the availability and attractiveness of unlicensed alternatives. Specifically, both trade groups request that the Dutch authorities would up their market channelization target from 80% to 95% and – presumably – back up that commitment by the implementation of stricter enforcement measures.


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