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The strategic genius of Steve Wynn

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Oliver Lovat lectures on business strategy, and specialises in the hospitality industry centred on Las Vegas. For him, there is one man that stands above the others as the driving force behind today's casino resorts industry.

The origins of this article germinated almost 20 years ago on my 21st birthday, sitting at a blackjack table at the Mirage with my father. Joe dealt cards, I drank Chivas Regal. Like myself, the eight million new and 36 million returning visitors to Las Vegas each year generate memories that will last a lifetime.

Since 2011, I have been teaching an MBA Strategy class at London’s Cass Business School. Over 250 students of mine have made the trip to Las Vegas to study the most competitive market on earth. As part of the course, I share my thoughts on the career and business strategies of Steve Wynn. Most of my students know nothing about Steve Wynn prior to taking my class, but after, none will forget his name. In many cases it will change their perception of strategy and business outlook.

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