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Robin Reed (Speaker at our June Conference in Amsterdam) - GIG - Acquiring Minds: The M&A dynamic in

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Mass consolidation has impacted all core dynamics of the industry’s value chain. Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) Chief Executive Robin Reed, speaks to SBC ahead of the Betting on Football Conference (London 3-5 May), on his firm’s unique approach to affiliate marketing and player acquisition.

Reed an industry marketing expert, details to SBC readers GIG’s M&A led strategy, and how industry leadership is faced with new questions and tough decisions regarding operator marketing and player acquisition practices.

SBC: Hi Robin, great to catch up ahead of BOF. Can you detail to SBC readers GIG affiliate operations and how they have grown through M&A activity?

Robin Reed: Hi SBC, with GIG Marketing we are having a vision of making iGaming universally liked and approachable. We do so by improving the touchpoints where people are finding iGaming online. We are predominantly focused on publishing, with Google as the main channel of traffic. However, we have recently branched out into other online performance verticals including Social Media such as streaming, and PPC such as Ad-Words. Regarding reach and referral traffic our company is a top three marketing business for our industry in the Nordics.

While we are growing rapidly in the organic search by consistently ranking top 1-3 in our markets on highly competitive keywords such as online casino, we are also focused on acquired growth. There is and has been a range of websites emerging proving high potential which helps us to improve by bolting them on to our leading organisation and technology stack.


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