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Video - Responsible Gaming App 'Bet.ter' Launched in Holland

New Responsible Gaming App for Dutch Players

Nearly one million Dutch players already wager, bet, or gamble online. These punters may now use a new, free mobile app Bet.ter in order to prevent problem gambling and to better understand their playing behavior.

The app, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, focuses on recreational players. Users can preset playing budgets and be notified when these budgets are exceeded. Bet.ter shows players how much they have won and lost and how much they have left to bet with. Players are also able to enter data from multiple gaming accounts.

The app also includes a self-test, tips to play responsibly and the ability to quickly get in touch with the Center for Responsible Gaming. The app is available for download for users of both Android and iOS.

Watch a brief introduction about the app (in English) below.

The app was developed by the Center for Responsible Gaming in partnership with Speel Verantwoord.

Responsible gaming veteran Pieter Remmers, CEO at Assissa Consultancy, will discuss this app, as well as a few others, during the responsible gaming session at the upcoming Gaming in Holland Conference. Don’t miss it!

This App is an initiative by Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen with support from the industry association Speel Verantwoord.

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