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Webinar report | The Dutch online market opening & beyond

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

With over 300 registrations, yesterday's Gaming in Holland webinar “The Dutch online market opening & beyond,” which featured speakers from the Dutch regulator and the Netherlands’ leading gambling law firm, was our most successful yet.

During the webinar, it was disclosed that additional remote licenses are likely to be announced in the coming weeks. Contrary to the first round of license announcements, new licensees will not be announced in tranches, but rather as soon as the individual licensing processes are complete.

Geraldine Huijssoon, Head of the Supervision and Operator Department at the Netherlands Gambling Authority, said: "We ended up, for now, with eleven licenses having been granted. This is, however, in no way the final number. We expect to announce several new licensees within the next few weeks and to have a more complete picture by this summer. I would not be surprised if the final number of licensees would reach 20-30 in total. In this regard, it should also be noted that license applications in perfect order can be processed in less than six months."

It was further announced that new policy rules regarding post-cooling off period license applications could be published before April 1. This could be particularly relevant for operators who offered unlicensed gambling services to Dutch consumers in the past.

The full webinar has been recorded and is now available here:

Webinar overview

During the webinar, our speakers addressed the following topics:

  • 2:43: Introductory remarks by Geraldine Huijssoon, Head of the Supervision and Operator Department at the Netherlands Gambling Authority

  • 7:27: Introductory remarks by Justin Franssen, Head of the Gaming & Gaming Practice Group at Kalff Katz & Franssen

  • 11:40: Future advertising restrictions (Justin Franssen)

  • 18:46: Licensing issues & bottlenecks (Geraldine Huijssoon)

  • 26:31: Licensing issues & bottlenecks (Frank Tolboom, Partner at Kalff Katz & Franssen)

  • 37:41: Current enforcement priorities (Geraldine Huijssoon)

  • 41:15: (More) effective communication between regulator and operators (Geraldine Huijssoon, Justin Franssen, Frank Tolboom)

  • 47:45: Audience Q&A – incl. clarifications on post-cooling off license applications

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