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NOGA Online Gambling Barometer: 20% of Dutch young adults gambled online in 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Today, the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) officially presented itself during an online webinar to industry stakeholders and other interested parties.

NOGA is the Dutch industry association of (future-licensed) online gambling operators. Current members include bet365, Betsson, Betway, Dazzletag, Entain, Flutter Entertainment, and Kindred.

As part of its launch presentation, NOGA presented the first results of the annual NOGA Online Gambling Barometer: a multi-year data-driven study into the state of the Dutch (online) gambling market. The NOGA Barometer is an annual market survey conducted by internationally renowned market research agency Ipsos.

Online gambling participation

According to the zero measurement of the NOGA Barometer, 20% of young adults (18-34) in the Netherlands gambled online at least once in 2020. The overall number of Dutch adults who gambled online during the past twelve months is still significantly lower at 12%.

Among adults who gambled online, 55% participated in online sports betting, 41% in online casino games, and 38% spent money on video games that do not fully meet the characteristics of traditional games of chance.

Sports betting, in particular, strengthened the fan experience, survey participants said.

Survey participants further said that they mostly started playing because of friends or other people in their social environment who already participated in online games of chance.

Games that allowed the participants to wager virtual money or points also decreased the threshold to participate in real-money games, the study found.

Legalization and licensing

A slight majority of 51% of all respondents favored the imminent legalization of online gambling.

A clear majority (59%) of players indicated that they would prefer to play with Netherlands-licensed operators. However, licenses from other jurisdictions that are deemed reliable (e.g., the UK) are also trusted – especially by more experienced players.


Survey respondents indicated that they are regularly confronted with ads for online gambling services. 27% of young adults indicated that they are “often” or “very often” exposed to online gambling ads.

Almost half (46%) of respondents said they felt annoyance when being confronted with online gambling ads.

Respondents said that they would be more accepting of online gambling advertising if these would not feature unrealistic promises and offered reliable information on odds and risks instead.

The importance of a well-monitored, regulated market

According to Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Director of NOGA, the NOGA Online Gambling Barometer confirmed that young adults are the most likely to be targeted by online gambling advertising and the most likely to participate in online games of chance. “When a younger audience becomes increasingly active on the gambling market, regulation is of paramount importance,” De Goeij added.

De Goeij: “A safe, responsible and attractive online gambling offering is extremely important to NOGA. The existence of a regulated online gambling sector can only be justified by a product offering that has been proven to be safe and responsible. The annual NOGA Online Gambling Barometer is our attempt to keep track of what is actually happening in the market and to adjust our approach when necessary.”

The full webinar is available here.


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