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Newsletter - Netherlands Gambling Authority issues two new iGaming licenses ...and more!

Netherlands-licensed online gambling operators drew 1.8m unique visitors in August

According to market research agency GfK, licensed online gambling operators that are active in the Dutch market have managed to attract 1.8 million unique visitors – over ten percent of the overall population – to their websites in the month of August.

However, 46% of these individuals only visited once, while 21% (380,000 unique individuals) visited a licensed online gambling website on at least six different days of the month. Frequent visitors are most likely to be between the ages of 35 and 49.

Visitors of licensed online gambling websites are predominantly male (60%).

Kindred achieved €366,000 in daily GGR in July and August for the Netherlands

In a financial update, Kindred has revealed that between its launch in the Netherlands on July 4 and September 11 it achieved average daily gross winnings revenue for the country of £317,000 (€366,000).

In the same period, the operator acquired approximately 115,000 active customers.

“The entry into the Netherlands has exceeded our expectations and we are well under way to reach our ambition of a 15% market share by the end of the year,” Kindred CEO Henrik Tjärnström said.

FDJ opens talks over ZEturf Group acquisition

French national lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has entered negotiations over the acquisition of online horse racing and sports betting brand ZEturf Group.

ZEturf is France's second-largest horse betting operator. The operator is also active in Belgium and Spain, and is currently the Netherlands’ horseracing betting monopolist.

Any deal would be subject to approval by competition and regulatory authorities – including the Netherlands Gambling Authority if ZEturf's Dutch activities would be part of the overall agreement.

Netherlands Gambling Authority launches gambling harm prevention research program

The Netherlands Gambling Authority announced that a gambling harm prevention research program it had commissioned from health organization ZonMw will start later this year.

The research program aims to gain new knowledge that contributes to the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction and gambling-related harm, to strengthen the impact of said knowledge on actual treatments, and to promote national and international cooperation in gambling addiction research.

The research program will be funded by the Addiction Prevention Fund (Verslavingspreventiefonds), which, in turn, is funded by a special levy on gambling products deemed risky.

Upcoming events

The following events may be of interest to the GiH community.

  • Dutch game supplier Eurocoin Gaming will hold open house on September 27-28 in Waalwijk.

  • The theme of Kindred's 2022 Sustainable Gambling Conference, which is scheduled to take place October 19 in Amsterdam, is “Safer gambling: An honest conversation”.

Netherlands Gambling Authority issues two new iGaming licenses

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has issued the country's 21st and 22nd iGaming licenses to Smart Gaming BV and Holland Gaming Technology Ltd, respectively.

Smart Gaming is linked with, reportedly owned by Dutch crypto entrepreneurs Boyd Meuleman and Mitchell Zandwijken, which signed a deal with platform provider ORYX earlier this year.

Malta-based Holland Gaming Technology previously operated Goldrun Casino, which, at the time, was licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Goldrun Casino featured exclusive content provided by game developer Holland Power Gaming.

It is currently unclear when the two new licensees will launch in the regulated Dutch market.


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