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Newsletter - Dutch minister reiterates support for cross-operator deposit limits ...and more!

Dutch online market regulation did not result in an increase in player numbers

The opening of the regulated Dutch online gambling market on October 1, 2021 has not led to a surge in new players, according to an Ipsos survey commissioned by the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA).

Approximately 11% of the Netherlands’ adult population has gambled online at least once in the past twelve months, the same level compared to the previous year. Of those who have played online since October 1, 2021, 78% have exclusively done so with providers licensed in the Netherlands.

“This means that Dutch consumers, who previously gambled with unlicensed operators, now largely do so in a safe and regulated environment,” said Peter-Paul de Goeij, director of NOGA.

Approximately 40% of the self-admitted players who participated in the study indicated that they exhibited risky behavior (e.g., being untruthful regarding their playing behavior) at some point in the past. Overall, ca. 5% of the adult Dutch population can be classified as to be at-risk when it comes to problematic gambling behavior.

De Goeij: “We must do everything in our power to ensure that the 78% of players who have already been channeled toward the regulated market continue to make use of locally licensed offers, and convince the remaining 22% who still gamble with unlicensed operators to choose fully licensed alternatives.”

The full survey is available here.

New speakers confirmed for Gaming in Holland Conference & Expo

This year's Gaming in Holland Conference, which will take place on June 20 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, has added two new participants to its speaker lineup.

Stan Stevens, Professor of corporate taxation at Tilburg University and Partner at HVK Stevens, will discuss the topic of the taxation of player bonuses. As the Netherlands Gambling Authority and Dutch Revenue Service interpret the applicable tax rules differently, this promises to be a very relevant and important topic for all operators active in the Dutch market.

Simon Hansen, Solution Specialist at Mindway AI, will discuss the implementation of effective intervention strategies, using a combination of AI and human expertise.

Other confirmed speakers include: René Jansen, Chair of the Netherlands Gambling Commission; Fedor Meerts, Head of Gambling Policy, Ministry of Justice and Security; Ed Birkin, Senior Analyst, H2 Gambling Capital; Dr. Dirk Quermann, Executive Director, Merkur Sports & Gaming GmbH; Pieter Boers, Vice President Gaming & Services, Holland Casino; and many more!

The full agenda is available here.

The 2022 GiH Conference will be accompanied by a fully-fledged product exhibition on June 20-21, which is specifically aimed at the Dutch market. Over twenty exhibitors have confirmed their presence.

Visitors to either the GiH Conference or Expo on June 20 are invited to join us for networking drinks at Holland Casino Utrecht.

As places are limited, register today! Please note that the Expo will be free to attend.

Click here to register:

German poker player wins €128,236 at WSOP Venlo

Last weekend, Han Kuo from Germany won the Main Event final of the inaugural World Series of Poker (WSOP) at Holland Casino Venlo. In addition to winning €128,236, he also earned himself a spot in the WSOP Las Vegas later this year.

The WSOP Venlo took place from 20 to 28 May in Holland Casino Venlo. Hundreds of poker players from nine different countries entered the tournament, bringing the total prize pool to almost 2 million euros.

Belgium: Online gambling revenue up 27.9% in 2021

Figures published by the Belgian Gaming Commission (Kansspelcommissie) show that, for the first time ever, online gambling overtook land-based gambling in 2021.

Revenue from the country’s regulated market amounted to €969.1m, down from €1.18bn in 2020. Some €595.6m of the total was attributed to online gambling, an increase of 27.9% on the previous year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, land-based revenue declined 47.7% to €373.2m.

The ongoing growth of online gambling poses new challenges for the Belgian regulator, Kansspelcommissie chair Magali Clavie said.

“In 2021, there were an average of 136,888 players online per day, twice as many as three years ago. Online gambling now far surpasses land-based gambling for the first time and deserves special attention because it is more accessible, both in space and time, and can pose a risk factor for gamblers. Therefore, it is now more necessary than ever to protect online players by providing them with a safe and controlled gaming environment.”

Recently, Belgium's government presented proposals for introducing a blanket ban on all forms of gambling advertising in the country.

Trade associations join forces for European Safer Gambling Week, October 17-23, 2022

The European regulated betting and gaming industry is joining forces once again for Safer Gambling Week 2022, which will take place on October 17-23, 2022.

The European Safer Gambling Week (ESGW) is an annual cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling in Europe and is being organized by thirteen European online gambling associations, including the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA).

During the ESGW there will be a range of practical activities across European countries to raise awareness about safer gambling amongst customers, gambling companies, regulatory authorities, as well as to share information about the latest developments in safer gambling regulations, the tools available to promote safer gambling, tips on how to gamble more safely, the latest research, and much more.

The first ESWG took place in 2021 and this year’s edition will see an extended number of activities and participating associations across Europe.

European consumer groups demand action on video game loot boxes

More than twenty consumer groups from across Europe, including Dutch consumer association “Consumentenbond,” are demanding that authorities introduce new rules to regulate loot boxes in video games.

“Loot boxes have been the source of several controversies already. Through our work we have established that the sale and presentation of loot boxes often involve exploiting consumers through predatory mechanisms, fostering addiction, targeting vulnerable consumer groups and more, says Finn Myrstad, director of digital policy at the Norwegian Consumer Council.

Upcoming events

The following events may be of interest to the GiH community.

  • Tune in on June 10, at 14:00-15:00 CET for the free webinar “Staying Compliant in the Netherlands: Key Lessons Learnt,” organized by Maxima Compliance.

  • On June 16, at 11:00-12:00 CET, VIXIO Gambling Compliance and the European Gaming and Betting Association will host a webinar on online advertising and intellectual property rights.

  • EASG 2022, the 13th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues, has now been scheduled for 6-9 September 2022, and will take place in Oslo, Norway.

Dutch minister reiterates support for cross-operator deposit limits

In a recent episode of Dutch TV show Pointer, Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind expressed support for stricter protection measures aimed at online players. Specifically, Weerwind said that he would be willing to introduce cross-operator deposit limits, if such a measure would be technically feasible and would not conflict with existing legislation. Cross-operator deposit limits are also supported by the Netherlands Gambling Authority and state-owned operator Nederlandse Loterij.

Earlier this year, Weerwind promised to investigate the technical and legal feasibility of cross-operator deposit limits, the results of which are expected to be made public soon.

On June 9, the Permanent Committee for Justice and Security of the Dutch Lower House will host a public roundtable discussion on the ongoing implementation of the country's new Remote Gambling Act. It is likely that during this roundtable discussion, MPs will argue for additional player protection measures.


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