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Newsletter - ComeOn receives Dutch iGaming license ...and more!

Dutch government to re-evaluate state ownership of Holland Casino and Nederlandse Loterij in 2023

During a meeting of the Permanent Committee for Finance of the Dutch Lower House, Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag has promised that an evaluation regarding the benefits of continued state ownership of gambling operators Holland Casino and Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) will be published in 2023.

Following the opening of the Dutch regulated online gambling market, both operators are freely competing with private enterprises in a liberalized market, thus removing the original reasons for state ownership – at least regarding their online activities.

MPs appear increasingly uncomfortable with state-owned companies advertising potentially harmful products, and a parliamentary majority in favor of privatization appears likely.

Minister Weerwind sends studies on consumer attitudes and playing limits to Lower House

Ahead of a scheduled Parliamentary debate (which, however, has been postponed) on gambling policy, Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind has shared two studies – on consumer attitudes and playing limits – with the Dutch Lower House.

The studies find that a majority of Dutch consumers hold negative views on (the legalization of) online gambling and that there is no obvious set of best practices to prevent immoderate gambling behavior through mandatory playing limits.

In addition, the study on playing limits, which has been drawn up by Regulus Partners, includes the following findings and recommendations:

  • It is logical in our view that setting financial limits should be mandatory for all customers given that they can help people to stay in control.

  • Financial limits should be based upon net deposits (ie, less player winnings) over a given period since this is the most meaningful and easily understood measure of real customer expenditure.

  • One-size-fits all limits do more to encourage customers to ‘game the system’ rather than moderate their behavior, in our view.

  • The technical, legal-privacy, proportionality, and intrusiveness of a “single customer view” has not been adequately addressed to be considered a viable policy, in our view.

In related news, Weerwind recently visited the Netherlands Gambling Authority, NLO, and Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen (the Netherlands’ largest charity lottery operator) to discuss the duty of care of gambling operators regarding their customers.

Last chance | Don't miss the Gaming in Germany Conference featuring the German, Dutch and former Danish regulators

The 2022 Gaming in Germany Conference will take place next week, September 19-20, at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin.

The conference will feature a discussion panel consisting of Benjamin Schwanke, Co-Chair of the GGL, René Jansen, Chair of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, and Birgitte Sand, Birgitte Sand & Associates, former Executive Director of the Danish Gambling Authority.

In addition, there will be several sessions on technical compliance, including the LUGAS safe server. If you have practical questions on technical issues, these sessions are not to be missed.

Other notable speakers include: Nadja Wierzejewski, Dept Head Enforcement, GGL, Ed Birkin, Senior Analyst, H2 Gambling Capital, and many more!

Check out the event's website or register today:

LiveScore Bet joins NOGA

The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has welcomed LiveScore Bet as its newest member.

LiveScore Bet, which is operated by LiveScore Malta Limited and is part of the Anzo Group, was among the first ten operators to receive a license under the new Dutch remote gambling regime.

Monika Naydenova-Grue, Group Director of Regulatory Compliance at LiveScore Bet, commented: “We are pleased to announce our NOGA membership. NOGA has been at the forefront of industry efforts in the Netherlands to build a sustainable remote gaming framework for both operator and consumer, and with our international experience, we are convinced we can contribute to this even further".

EGBA introduces pan-European AML guidelines for iGaming companies

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has published the first ever pan-European, self-regulatory guidelines to help iGaming companies comply with EU, national and supranational anti-money laundering (AML) rules.

The EGBA guidelines on fighting money laundering and terrorist financing contain best practice industry standards, which online gambling operators should apply across their entire EU and EEA operations. The guidelines apply a risk-based approach and include sector-specific guidance to support a high standard of compliance with EU, national and supranational AML rules. While the guidelines are intended to complement and strengthen existing AML rules, they have also been developed with consideration towards the EU’s upcoming AML package, which contains new rules on AML.

Dr Ekaterina Hartmann, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, EGBA: “We’re pleased to present the first ever pan-European industry standards on anti-money laundering for Europe’s online gambling sector. Preventing online gambling from being used to hide the proceeds of crime is an important test for Europe’s gambling operators – but there’s currently very little sector-specific guidance to help operators in their compliance efforts. We hope these guidelines will fill this gap and lay strong foundations for the sector to achieve the highest possible standards in AML compliance.”

Upcoming events

The following events may be of interest to the GiH community.

  • Dutch game supplier Eurocoin Gaming will hold open house on September 27-28 in Waalwijk.

  • The theme of Kindred's 2022 Sustainable Gambling Conference, which is scheduled to take place October 19 in Amsterdam, is “Safer gambling: An honest conversation”.

ComeOn receives Dutch iGaming license

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has issued the country's twentieth iGaming license to ComeOn subsidiary Tulipa Ent Ltd.

In a press release, the operator said that it would launch its flagship “ComeOn!” brand in the Dutch market.

ComeOn will operate in the Netherlands in collaboration with Bragg Gaming Group. Bragg will provide its full turnkey Player Account Management (PAM) iGaming platform, from its Oryx Gaming division, as well as its proprietary and exclusive content to

In 2014, ComeOn was fined by the Dutch gambling regulator for offering online gambling services in the country without a license.


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