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Netherlands Gambling Authority publishes guidelines on untargeted advertising ban ...and more!

GiH Conference adds session on future privatizations

The agenda of the 2023 Gaming in Holland Conference has now been fully finalized.

The event, which will take place NEXT WEEK, on Thursday, June 8 at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, offers highly informative sessions on the regulated Dutch gambling market, as well as ample opportunities to connect with key decision makers.

The event will take place just in time to discuss and analyze sweeping new marketing restrictions that will enter into force July 1.

The event's agenda has now been fully finalized.

Unfortunately, Pontus Lindwall, CEO of Betsson Group, was forced to cancel his appearance. However, his presentation has now been replaced by a Q&A session with Frank Tolboom, Partner at Kalff Katz & Franssen, on the potential privatization of the Netherlands largest state-owned gambling enterprise, Nederlandse Loterij. (See below for more details on timelines and the political process.)

Confirmed speakers include:

  • René Jansen, Chair of the Netherlands Gambling Authority

  • Fedor Meerts, Department Head Gambling, Ministry of Justice & Security

  • Anne-Jaap Snijders, CCO at Kindred Group

  • Malinda Miener, Chief Compliance Officer at Holland Casino

  • Justin Franssen, Managing Partner, Kalff Katz & Franssen

  • Frank Tolboom, Partner, Kalff Katz & Franssen

  • Floor van Bakkum, Manager Prevention at Jellinek – Arkin

  • Lennart Kessels, GM Netherlands at Kindred Group

  • Robert Schouten, CEO of Betnation

  • Marc Smit, Country Manager Netherlands at Tombola

  • Steven Vrolijk, Founder of KVA

  • Frank op de Woerd, Co-Founder of CasinoNieuws

  • And many more!

The event will conclude with a boat ride through Amsterdam's picturesque canals and networking drinks at Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Don't miss it! Register today:

Pre-registration drinks on June 7

All GiH Conference attendees are cordially invited for pre-registration drinks & networking at Rijnbar (Riinstraat 1, 1078 PT, Amsterdam), starting at 19:00 on June 7.

Rijnbar, which is located in a historic Art Deco building, has a long history as one of Amsterdam's most renowned bars.

Come and join us for drinks – no registration necessary. The first one will be on us!

Dutch government to consider privatization of Nederlandse Loterij

Last week, Dutch finance Minister, Marnix van Rij released preliminary explorations regarding the possible privatizations of state-owned gambling operators Nederlandse Loterij and Holland Casino.

Regarding Nederlandse Loterij – which, in addition to operating several lottery brands, is the country's market leader in online sports betting – Van Rij said that a political decision on (partial) privatization or continued state ownership could be expected by May 2024.

Both Nederlandse Loterij and the Netherlands Gambling Authority stated that continued state ownership would not be necessary for the safeguarding of public interests.

Discussions on the possible privatization of Holland Casino would be postponed until at least 2025.

The Permanent Committee for Finance of the Dutch Lower House is expected to address Van Rij's initial proposals tomorrow.

Netherlands Gambling Authority issues conditional penalty payments Dutch charity lotteries

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has issued conditional penalty payments of up to €1m to Novamedia-owned lottery brands Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij for offering online games that are not permitted according to their lottery licenses.

“Legislation and regulations make a clear distinction between lotteries and riskier games of chance, such as online games of chance,” the Dutch regulator said in a statement.

“Lotteries may not be offered online. It is only permitted to sell tickets via the internet. Offering online games that are linked to a lottery is therefore prohibited. The KSA aims to ensure that lottery and online games of chance remain separate.”

Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij said they would appeal the decision.

Netherlands Gambling Authority publishes guidelines on untargeted advertising ban

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has published additional guidelines, further explaining the extent of the new online gambling marketing restrictions – including the ban on all “untargeted” (i.e., broadcast, print, and outdoor) advertising – that will enter into force from July 1.

The new rules impose a “best effort” obligation on licensed operators to ensure that vulnerable groups, including minors, young adults, and problem players, are not reached by online gambling marketing messages.

In addition, licensed operators have a result obligation to ensure that 95% of those reached by their marketing messages are 24 or older. The new regulations demand that operators can demonstrate at any time that they are in compliance with this obligation.

To further ensure that the 95% criterion is met, operators are advised to make use of “closed groups” and mandatory logins, or “adequate” age filters.

Please note that Netherlands Gambling Authority Chair, René Jansen – as well as representatives from the marketing and affiliate sectors – will address this topic in greater depth at next week's Gaming in Holland Conference.

Other news

Nederlandse Loterij's “Lucky Day” brand will become the main sponsor of Dutch baseball's major league for the next four seasons. Lucky Day, a keno-like game, will not be affected by the Netherlands’ coming marketing restrictions on “high-risk” gambling products.

The Netherlands Gambling Authority and local police forces raided an illegal gambling venue in Amsterdam, resulting in 11 arrests.

Sweden's regulated online gambling market is shrinking, according to figures released by the country's gambling regulator.

France is proposing new legislation to define and crack down on influencer marketing.

The city council of Shreveport, Louisiana repealed its previously adopted smoking ban applying to the town's casinos.


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