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Gaming in Holland webinar report | Navigating risk and compliance as a Netherlands-licensed operator

Updated: May 4, 2021

Thank you all for attending Thursday's Gaming in Holland webinar “Navigating risk and compliance as a Netherlands-licensed operator.” We hope you found it useful!

Webinar overview

The full webinar has been recorded and is now available online:

During the webinar, our panelists addressed the following topics and questions:

1. 2:47: What is the legal framework? What obligations does the relevant legislation impose on gambling operators? (Alan Littler, Kalff Katz & Franssen)

2. 9:07: What are the KSA's specific expectations regarding the practical implementation of these rules? (Alan Littler, Kalff Katz & Franssen)

3. 12:47: What are some of the main risks faced by gambling operators looking to enter a regulated market? (Andrea Thian, Refinitiv)

4. 14:26: How can operators limit their risk exposure? (Andrea Thian, Refinitiv)

5. 17:18: How would you define a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)? (Andrea Thian, Refinitiv)

6. 19:38: Are there technical solutions to help operators manage these regulatory risks? (Andrea Thian, Refinitiv)

7. 22:16: What specific solutions would the LSEG Group have available for Netherlands-licensed operators? (Dave van Gulik, Trust Alliance)

8. 25:05: What are the specific benefits of partnering with a compliance data provider?

9. 27:17: Audience Q&A

Future events

If you are interested in financial compliance, the upcoming events listed below may also be of interest to you:

· Refinitiv | 6th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive: What now? | May 13, 15:00 CET

· Gaming in Holland | Practical solutions for separating player funds | May 19, 15:00 CET

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