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Dutch regulator and gov't announce new player protection measures

On December 21, the Netherlands Gambling Authority and the Ministry of Justice and Security released new proposals to improve player protection. 

As these proposals are expected to have a far-reaching impact on the regulated Dutch gambling market, we are sending out an extra GiH newsletter.

Netherlands Gambling Authority announces new draft rules on responsible gaming

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has published new draft rules on responsible gaming and player protection. These new draft rules are currently subject to a public consultation that runs until February 1, 2024, and are scheduled to enter into force from April 1, 2024.

The new draft rules impose, among other things, the obligation on licensed operators to detect possible indications of problematic gambling behavior within one hour of taking place (art. 3.1.12(4)) and ensure that, in such cases, the player is being prevented – also within one hour – from continuing to play (art. 3.1.13(2b)).

What counts as an indication of problematic gambling behavior is also further clarified (in addition to the indications specified in earlier regulations) in the new draft rules (art. 3.1.12(5)).

Monthly net deposits of more than €700 (or €300 when the player is a young adult) must always be treated as a possible indication of problematic gambling behavior and further deposits must be blocked until the operator has actively verified that the player is able to afford these deposits (art. 3.1.12(6e) and 3.1.13(2b)).

The new draft rules also further clarify advertising rules regarding vulnerable consumers and the prohibition on the use of role models.

Ministery of Justice and Security announces additional player protection rules from Q4 2024

In a letter to the Dutch Lower House, Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind announced additional player protection rules that are currently scheduled to enter into force in the fourth quarter of 2024. A public consultation on these new rules will open in February 2024.

The new player protection measures will include:

  • New and restrictive rules on how players are asked to set their personal playing limits.

  • The introduction of monthly net deposit limits of €350 (or €150 when the player is a young adult). Additional deposits will only be possible following personal contact (subject to specific rules) with the operator.

  • The Gambling Authority's new responsible gaming regulations mentioned in the previous paragraph.

In addition to these new rules, Minister Weerwind also announced an investigation into the feasibility of new legislation that is needed to make cross-operator deposit limits legally viable.

Ministry of Justice and Security announces framework for Remote Gambling Act evaluation

In 2024, the Dutch Remote Gaming Act and its effects will be evaluated. This evaluation is scheduled to be finished in October 2024.

The Ministry of Justice and Security has now published the framework for this evaluation. The framework explores research questions, methods, and data sources.


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