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Webinar report | Keys for effective player retention in regulated online gaming

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

On Wednesday, distinguished international iGaming consultants Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg and Itsik Akiva reviewed the major elements that increase player engagement. A full video of the webinar is included below.

Their main findings included:

  • It is far cheaper to retain or reactivate existing players than to acquire new ones.

  • Player retention and loyalty can be a result of many elements, not only promotions.

  • It is better to aim for “earning” loyalty rather than “paying” for it with incentives.

  • Grouping players into segments and profiles is key for delivering targeted and effective messaging.

The speakers then proceeded to discuss how to put these principles into practice.


More information on this topic (and others) will be made available during the upcoming Online Gaming Management Masterclass - NL Focus.

This Masterclass has been specifically designed to reflect the new regulatory environment anticipated in the Dutch market, thus ensuring that participants gain highly localized, relevant, and applicable knowledge on topics such as:

  • Player and operator protection measures (Responsible Gaming, KYC, AML etc.) that reflect the regulatory requirements as well as NL-specific best practices.

  • Revenue generation, financial modeling, and all applicable costs (including taxes, content and services) have been updated to represent the conditions in the Dutch market.

  • Banking and Payments operations focuses on the locally available payment methods as well as on any regulatory-imposed restrictions and rules related to the flow of funds.

  • The Player Acquisition and Player retention sessions incorporate all local restrictions and guidelines related to advertising and retention strategies.

  • The Product Management session highlights preferences and recommendations which are specific to Dutch players.

More information on the Masterclass (including registration) is available here.


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