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GiH webinar report & poll results: Complying with CRUKS: Getting ready for the Dutch national

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

We would like to thank our panelists and all attendees for joining us during last week’s webinar on the Dutch national player exclusion register (CRUKS). We are especially grateful to the Netherlands Gambling Authority for participating.

You can view the webinar in its entirety here:

News from the Netherlands Gambling Authority

Netherlands Gambling Authority chairman René Jansen introduced the webinar with a short speech in which he announced that the regulator will reveal specific details about the connection procedure between operators' customer databases and CRUKS by mid-June.

Jansen also said that while operators are responsible for implementing CRUKS, the Netherlands Gambling Authority is committed to facilitating this process. For instance, operators will be able to ask for technical guidance from the regulator which will then be provided through interactive sessions. "Keep an eye out for our messages," Jansen concluded.

Panelists & panelist questions

The remainder of the webinar featured the following panelists:

  • Janny Wierda, Director of Security at Holland Casino

  • Frank Kastelijns, CEO of Hotel Gaming

  • David Foster, Head of Regulatory Affairs at GVC

  • Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma, Managing Director of JanusID

During the webinar, our panelists addressed the following questions:

  • What guidance do you still require from the regulator to properly prepare for the implementation of CRUKS? Based on what you know about the future setup of CRUKS, how workable is the exclusion register?

  • Do you expect your customers to be concerned about their privacy?

  • How satisfied are you with the guidance that the land-based sector has received from the Netherlands Gambling Authority regarding the implementation of CRUKS? What are your primary concerns?

  • How does the visitor registration database for land-based operators complicate the efforts to implement CRUKS?

  • As an online operator, how does GVC feel about national player exclusion registers in general? Do they benefit the industry?

  • Other European markets have also introduced national player exclusion registers. Which ones have worked well? What made them a success?

  • What technical information would operators require before they can start implementing CRUKS?

  • When it comes to designing and building a system like CRUKS, what can we learn from other sectors? How likely is it that CRUKS will be finished on time?

You can find out the answers to these questions by watching the webinar.

Poll results

Webinar attendees were invited to share their thoughts about CRUKS. The results are shown below.

Audience questions and concerns

The questions that listeners submitted during the webinar reflected the fact that currently much is still unknown about CRUKS. There was also widespread concern among operators about costs, as well as a more general incomprehension about the need for a national exclusion register for the land-based sector.

Most audience questions second-guessed the wisdom of the political decision-making process. But while these criticisms may be valid, it should also be recognized that the political process has largely concluded.


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