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Impressions in verse: Dr Jörg Hofmann’s perspective on Dutch gambling

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

On Friday, the 16th Kalff Katz & Franssen/IMGL Annual Gaming Industry Event took place at the Groote Industrieele Club in Amsterdam.

We already covered the keynote speech of Netherlands Gambling Authority Chairman René Jansen, in which he called on future licensed gambling operators to show “active responsibility.”

For a brief video impression of the event, see below.

Unexpected poetics

Showing off his rhyming skills – causing much laughter among the audience – Dr Jörg Hofmann, Head of the Gaming and Betting Law Practice Group at MELCHERS Law Firm and former President of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), introduced the panelists at the event:

Thank you Justin, very kind, will be keeping this in mind. introducing panellists, Lawyers, leaders, analysts

And also say „Hello“ to you, because you are most welcome, too. Our topic is exciting The discussion is enlighting

„Regulation à la Dutch“ Will we like it very much? What’s considered to be new? Now we’re going to review

Let me tell you who is here With me waiting for the beer But before they get the drinks we discuss some major things

Eric Olders, really funny, Understands to make some money Keeping people in the loop With JVH gaming Group

That’s the largest company In the arcade industry And casino operation Here in this domestic nation.

Then, there is another boy, Welcome, Peter-Paul de Goij Well known in the industry He founded private lottery

With the “Lottovate” brand After this was done, he went To “Speel Verantwoord” and became the online gambling trade’s big name.

If you look at gambling bills, Someone with consulting skills Will be most appreciated. Mister Leyland dedicated

All his knowledge, as we see, To the gaming industry Welcome, Paul, to our panel. It’s your Distribution channel

For your prospect from abroad. We can’t wait to hear your thought. His analyst experience of 10 years really is immense.

For William Hill some time he spent In Corporate Development Now he is known to represent Regulus Partners with great stand.

A real big pleasure and nothing less to welcome Mr. Jason Chess a Wiggin partner, with no doubt, belonging to the precious crowd

of leading lawyers in the gaming lawyers hall of faming.

And he, as far as I can tell, Is based in the UK as well. He loved to travel here today Because it was an easy way

When you are going home again you will of course be leaving then Not only just the Netherlands, But anyway –my words make sense –

You will – and that is really true - Also be leaving the EU. For now, We’re glad to have you here In this fantastic atmosphere.

And now it’s time to start the session to give you more than an impression by going straight from fact to fact. about the Remote Gaming Act That shows not just intelligence But also highest competence!


Does anyone at this event Would like to step in and comment?

At this point, I am keen to know How much you captured from the show. So, did you really get the ball And understood this overall Or might the opposite be true That you do still not have a clue? Well, if the latter is the case There might be questions you will raise.

This will now be my final rhyme Because we’re running out of time. If you enjoyed the panel session, Applaus could be the right expression Please let me thank these gentlemen Happy to see you later then!


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