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Live from Amsterdam: Watch selected GiH Conference sessions online

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

To accommodate those who couldn’t make it to Amsterdam this year, we have decided to live stream selected sessions from the 2019 Gaming in Holland Conference.

While it is not the real thing, we hope that our live stream will still give a useful impression of what the annual Gaming in Holland Conference is all about.

The following conference sessions will be streamed live. Watch them here.

June 5

  • 14:00: “Remote Gaming Q&A: An update from the Ministry of Justice and Security,” Dennis van Breemen, Head of Integrity and Gambling Policy at the Ministry of Justice and Security

  • 13:30: “Looking forward to KOA,” René Jansen, Chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority

June 6

  • 10:00: “The Dutch market and Holland Casino,” Erwin van Lambaart, CEO of Holland Casino

  • 11:30: “The Gaming in Holland Monitor: Brand positioning in the Dutch market,” Edgar de Beule, co-founder of Sherloq and Markteffect

  • 13:30: “The failed war: How and why match-fixing still infect sport despite millions of tax-payers' money being spent,” Declan Hill, investigative journalist and academic

  • 15:10: “The need for speed: Do sportsbooks need official sports data?” David Lampitt, Managing Director Group Operations, Sportradar; Jack Davison, Chief Commercial Officer, Genius Sports Group; Scott Longley, Clear Concise Media

For more details on these sessions, check out our full agenda.


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