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“F’ck money. Make memories:” Lottovate Netherlands launches Raffld

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

For the first time in almost thirty years, the Dutch lottery market welcomes a new market entrant: Raffld. This new charity lottery revolves around winning “experiences” (traveling and attending events) rather than monetary prizes. Raffld officially launched today.

A lottery for millennials

“Raffld has been specifically designed to accommodate the wishes of 22-36-year-olds,” Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Director at Raffld, said this morning at the new lottery’s official launch.

According to market research cited by De Goeij, this age group rarely plays the lottery and is, by a large majority, much more interested in compelling experiences than money.

Raffld offers prizes in four categories: “mind-blowing adventures,” “next-level city trips,” “bucket list tickets,” and “recharge breaks.” Players pick the prize category they want to contend in. Prizes in each category are renewed every week.

Prize winners may select up to three other people to accompany them on their trips. Groups of up to four players can play together, with each additional participant increasing the odds of winning a prize.

Tickets cost €16 and are valid for four consecutive weekly draws.

“More money for charities”

By tapping into a an entirely new target audience, the Dutch lottery market as a whole will grow. More money will thus be available for charities and good causes, De Goeij said.

According to recent economic research, the Dutch lottery market has the potential to grow from 2 to 3 billion euros in GGR in the coming years.

50% of Raffld’s sales revenues will be distributed among the following four charities:

  • Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds

  • Conservation International

  • KNGF Geleidehonden

  • CliniClowns

Contrary to current practice among existing lotteries, players will be able to pick the specific charity they want to contribute to.

With half of its gross revenues going to good causes, Raffld will have a payout ratio of 27-35%, depending on the prize.

Youngest MP accepts gift on behalf of human rights campaigners

To celebrate the launch of Raffld, the operator presented human rights campaigners Shelter City with a generous donation.

The donation was graciously accepted on behalf of Shelter City by the Netherlands youngest MP: Rens Raemakers (D66).

“F’ck money. Make memories”

“Do you want to fill your pockets or your life?” is the question Raffld asks of its target audience:

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