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FT graphs: Europe generates almost 50% of all online & mobile gambling revenue

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

On Saturday, the Financial Times published an article outlining how UK and Irish companies came to dominate the global online gaming and betting sector:

Firms based in the UK have long benefited from not being as tightly regulated as elsewhere in the world. In some countries, such as China and India, bans on online gambling have pushed the practice underground, creating multibillion-dollar black markets for wagers. Other major markets, such as Germany, enforce strict restrictions.

The following graph shows Europe's market share in relation to other major regions.

(Sports) betting generates half of all global gaming revenue.

While the largest land-based gaming companies tend to be primarily active in North America and Asia, the largest online companies are based in Europe.

Most of the above-mentioned online companies are expected to enter the Dutch market when online gaming will be legalized in the country.

Read the full FT article here.

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