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New Dutch roulette launched at GiH Expo next week

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

During the ‘Sixth Annual Gaming In Holland Conference’ on June 13th and 14th at the “Hallen” located at Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18 in Amsterdam, the Dutch Roulette Table will be launched. The official presentation will take place at 12.45, June 13th at the Dutch Roulette Design stand.

A revolutionary new way to experience playing live roulette

The designer is the 82 year old Jaap Bouma, establisher of Dutch Roulette Design.

How is roulette played now?

The player currently needs assistance form the croupier to place the jetons. Using the Dutch Roulette Table®, this now becomes history.

What will change?

The change is a simple one. A classic roulette table will be enhanced with a new Dutch® design sheet. The roulette cylinder is integrated in the table, which creates major benefits compared to the classic table. The player does no longer need the help of the croupier; they can now play on the neighbours and sectors with just only 1 jeton – which is also more attractive to players who have a little less to spend.

Any more advantages?

Playing on the cylinder and the table can be combined and betting on and paying is much quicker, all whilst not changing any of the roulette rules. The game will become more enjoyable and therefore create more fun when playing.

Also for online gamers?

Online game players will also take advantage. The Dutch Roulette Table® is very suitable for live online roulette. Extending windows for the neignbour- and sectorplay are no longer needed. The roulettewindow will get a much more appealing appearance and the software is simplified. Additional advantage: The peripherial is controlled by what happens with the roulette, and not influenced by the table setting.

The Dutch Roulette Table® is the future of both landbased casino’s as well as online live roulette gaming.

Jaap Bouma is a devoted roulette player with more than 60.000 views which can be found on multiple blogs. He moreover writes articles for multiple gaming websites such as Jaap Bouma is happy to elaborate more on his Dutch Roulette Table®.


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