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Visual Artist Loz Taylor to Exhibit at Gaming in Holland Conference & Expo

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Visual artist and horse racing expert Loz Taylor will exhibit his work at the upcoming Gaming in Holland Conference & Expo.

Loz has been working out of his Stored Images Studios in the UK for the past ten years, creating quality gambling Pop Art relating to odds, chance and risk.

“I see the world through the eyes of a gambler, having been one for the past forty years, and this gives me a more informed view as an artist when it comes to commenting on gambling and the ‘gamble of life,’” Loz explains.

“You don't see much gambling related art in galleries or at art fairs. Yet gambling is all around, it's the new consumerism. I’ve got a feeling things are about to take off though, as there are just too many ‘players’ with an interest in art for it not to."

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