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Holland Casino will open new, large 'beautiful casino' says CEO van Lambaart

Updated: Feb 6, 2021


Relocation from Schiphol to Sloterdijk creates new jobs

Holland Casino will be opening a new casino at a top location in Amsterdam West in 2017. A fully equipped and modern casino that meets all the desires of today’s and future guests will be opening doors in ‘Ven’, located just off the A10 motorway, close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station. The new casino will be very easy to reach and offer plenty of parking. ‘Ven’ is a business and entertainment complex that, apart from a casino, also houses a hotel, restaurants, bars and a fitness centre. With its new casino in ‘Ven’, Holland Casino will have a second flagship casino in the capital. When Holland Casino Amsterdam West opens its doors, the casino at Schiphol Airport will be closing its doors.

Investing in the future

CEO of Holland Casino Erwin van Lambaart explains,

“The new casino in Amsterdam West will be a beautiful casino at a top location where guests can enjoy the fun of the game in a safe and responsible manner. It is fast and easy to reach for guests from both Amsterdam and outside the city. As part of a unique concept in ‘Ven’, I think that we can also achieve synergy. With its hotel, restaurants and a casino, ‘Ven’ offers an exciting and diverse lineup.

This is an important step for the future of Holland Casino. Our casino at Schiphol Airport was not profitable and a modern casino with a few updated concepts at this location will enable us to strengthen our position. Like the casino in the centre of Amsterdam, the new casino will have a complete range of products and appeal to both our current and a new target group.”

Transfer of casino permit

Holland Casino Amsterdam West will be opening its doors to the public in 2017. When it does, the casino at Schiphol Airport will be closing its doors and Amsterdam West will be taking over Holland Casino Schiphol’s permit. Holland Casino is grateful to the airport for the excellent cooperation over the past 21 years.

Extra jobs

Holland Casino will be actively looking for new employees in the months to come. The new casino will offer employment to more than 170 FTEs. Holland Casino is interested in a wide diversity of personnel, from food service staff to croupiers and security staff. Recruitment will start soon, since the future employees will also undergo training.


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