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Joris Dekkers: iGaming Affiliates Need to Keep up with the Trends :

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When Gaming Innovation Group acquired Dutch based affiliate network company Delta Markets B.V. for US$4.62 million in March, Joris Dekkers knows he has hit a jackpot.

Dekkers built his firm from nothing but a seed of idea that he has acquired from years of observing iGaming trends. He planted this idea and toiled to make it bloom into a money generating business. Finally, after all of his hard work and investments, the season of harvest has arrived for Dekkers.

“Gaming innovation group, has bought my best performing website in Holland. Why did I sell it? I could financially secure my life. So, for me, it was a no brainer. It was a really good deal,” Dekkers told

Sharing the secret of his success, Dekkers advises affiliates to learn how to keep up to the latest iGaming trends in order for them to be successful in their field. He pointed out that iGaming trend constantly changes as newer technologies are discovered and developed.

He cited how iGaming started from personal computer to mobile phones. The current iGaming trend, according to Dekkers, is now slowly shifting from mobile gaming to virtual reality.

“You cannot copy websites that are doing well now. I think you need to see things are heading. Couple of years it was mobile. Now things like virtual reality are coming up. Videos are becoming more important. I think you just follow the trends,” he said.

Dekkers also reminded affiliates that success doesn’t happen overnight especially if they are hoping to be acquired by big gambling firms in the future. Affiliates will also have to make some sacrifices in order to succeed.

“The first year, just develop it but don’t expect any income. On the second year, get some income but don’t stop working and investing on it. And on the third year, you can start really grow materialize because google just needs a bit of time, to give a bit of authority for the website,” Dekkers said. “I think there’s still lots of opportunity for affiliates who are innovative and have good ideas. You just have to be passionate. You just cannot build a site and that’s just it. You have to be unique and you have to believe your customers, I think that’s very important.”

Source: Joris Dekkers: iGaming Affiliates Need to Keep up with the Trends :

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