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Big Data Bets on the Online Casino Industry - Dataconomy

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Big data is becoming increasingly useful in the technology-driven market of the 21st Century. Using methods to collect huge sets of statistics about customers allows businesses to enhance their services greatly. The online casino sector is an area of the internet in which competition is fierce. Big players in the industry need to become leaders in data analytics for personalised services in order to thrive and rise above the competition.


The data that can be collected from online casino users is vast. They present an interesting blend of quantitative and qualitative data. By examining these two sets together, online casinos can gather information to help them decide on what bonuses to offer, which games to include, and how to develop them.

The quantitative figures tell the site operators information about the amount of money and time spent on a particular game. Site owners can also delve into the figures of which sets of games are played by the same player. Does a roulette player stick solely to that game or do they also play slot machines? The 32Red Australia online roulette section has six different options for players to choose from, including European and French variants. Do customers tend to play just one of these games, or do they like to switch between them? By analysing this data, 32Red can decide whether it would be fruitful to add more online roulette options, or to improve the ones that are already offered.

Qualitative data can be collected from questionnaires and surveys and can be used to find out what customers liked about particular games and why. These kinds of responses can help a great deal in working out ways to improve games, and also when operators are deciding on which games to offer. Do customers prefer the range of pokies at Lucky Nugget Casino to say, Mr Mega, and if so, why? Lucky Nugget has a heavy focus on TV and film themed slots, whereas Mr Mega prefers the arcade themes. Which themes attract more customers?


There is of course, the wide array of research from universities that online casinos can draw upon as well. Studies have shown that the typical slot machine player is a female home-owner, between the ages of 55 and 60, with an annual household income of more than $50,000 USD. Using these facts, casino sites can examine other preferences for this massive sector of the target audience. By finding out what the interests of a typical female home-owner are, the operators can install themed slot machines that they think will appeal to them.

Additional research by Sandy Chen of the Oregon State University has found that some slot machine players and many roulette players are of a younger, higher thrill seeking demographic. They are attracted to themed games and games that have a strong element of luck involved and can offer high rewards. Online casinos could appeal to these players by offering free spins bonuses, and the chance to gamble their winnings on higher stakes games.


This is an example of how data can also show how certain bonuses and promotions drive customers to return. Is a deposit match bonus more of an incentive than free spins on a slot machine? It may be for some players, but others might want something different. By understanding the client base, casinos can offer the bonuses that they think will appeal most to their customers. 32Red offers players an intriguing first deposit bonus of $32 on every $10 deposited, this not only outdoes a lot of competitors, it also promotes the brand. Golden Riviera Casino has decided to go with a different approach in an attempt to gain repeat custom. They have a three-tiered bonus system in which the first deposit receives a match of 100%, the second has a 25% match, and the third has a 50% match. These promotions have been put into place by studying existing customers, and seeing what appeals to them most. Some casinos also give players the option to choose a welcome bonus that suits them from a selection.

With progressively more ways in which online casinos can use big data to gather more information about their customers, in the years to come, online sites should be able to develop a personalised experience for each individual who plays the game.

Source: Big Data Bets on the Online Casino Industry - Dataconomy

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