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Plenary Debate on Dutch Remote Gaming Bill Scheduled for June 23

Dutch MP Jeroen van Wijngaarden (VVD) announced on Twitter that the long-awaited plenary debate on the remote gaming bill will take place on Thursday, June 23, starting at 19:00.

@justingaminglaw @GamingInHolland @VerantwSpelen 23-6 om 19.00 uur 1e termijn Kamer Gokwet — Jeroen v.Wijngaarden (@vanwijngaardenj) June 16, 2016

Perhaps our appeal to Parliament at last week's Gaming in Holland Conference did make a difference!

The bill, including the controversial amendments to increase the online gaming tax to 29% of GGR, is supported by the majority government coalition and is therefore expected to pass the Lower House without any problem.

Once the bill passes the Lower House, it will be taken up by the Senate. At this point, it seems likely this will happen sometime during the fall.

Unfortunately, the government coalition lacks a majority in the Senate and will need the support of at least two additional parties to ensure that the remote gaming bill will become law.

It will therefore be of much interest to see how the opposition in the Lower House will react to the current bill during next week's debate; and also, whether additional amendments will be introduced to placate the particular concerns of certain opposition parties.

Although we are certainly getting closer, the enactment of the remote gaming bill in its current shape is not yet a foregone conclusion.

Thus, Gaming in Holland will be present at the debate and will live tweet directly from the floor and report more extensively after the debate has concluded.

Stay tuned!


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