Afternoon session – 5 June 2019

Registration desks open (until 12:30)

Day Chair: Andrew Gellatly, Head of Global Research at Gambling

BLOCK 1: 13:30

Preparing for a regulated market: licensing, secondary legislation, and technical requirements

In these sessions, we will be able to offer new information on the secondary legislation – both the General Administrative Order (Algemene Maatregel van Bestuur) and Ministerial Decree (Ministeriële Regeling) – associated with the Remote Gaming Act.

13:30 [Keynote]

Looking forward to KOA

In this keynote address, René Jansen, the newly-installed chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, will address the topics of licensing criteria, operator reliability, and the regulator’s preparations for a successful implementation of the Dutch Remote Gaming Act (KOA).

Speaker: René Jansen, Chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority

14:00 [Presentation]

Remote Gaming Q&A: An update from the Ministry of Justice and Security

Mr Dennis van Breemen, who is responsible for overseeing gambling policy reform at the Ministry of Justice and Security, will give a presentation on the new remote gaming regulations, after which he will be available to answer audience questions. If you have questions on permitted product offerings, marketing, or responsible gambling and duty of care, this session will provide more clarity on what will be allowed when the regulated remote market officially opens.

Speaker: Dennis van Breemen, Head of Integrity and Gambling Policy at the Ministry of Justice and Security

14:30 [Panel]

Regulatory update: the industry responds

The secondary legislation and other regulations associated with the Remote Gaming Act will have a major impact on the attractiveness of the Dutch online market, player channeling rate, and the overall success of Dutch gambling reform. How does the industry rate the proposed rules and regulations? How will the new regulations impact operators and service providers?

Speakers: Justin Franssen, gaming lawyer and partner at Kalff Katz & Franssen
Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Consultant at Quod Bonum
David Foster, Head of Regulatory Affairs at GVC
Moderator: Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Consultant at Quod Bonum


BLOCK 2: 15:45

Responsible gaming in a regulated market

15:45 [Presentation]

Artificial intelligence and the scientific approach to responsible gaming

Kim Mouridsen, Professor at Aarhus University and founder of Mindway AI, will outline how artificial intelligence (AI) can assist in detecting early signs of pathological gambling. Mindway’s method has been shown to be effective in both the early detection of problematic gambling behavior and early intervention; and has been successfully implemented by Danish operator Danske Spil.

Speaker: Kim Mouridsen, Professor at Aarhus University and founder of Mindway AI.

16:15 [Panel]

Responsible Gaming and Gambling: a Work in Progress

In this session, we will take a closer look at the Netherlands Gambling Authority’s Duty of Care Guideline. What do the regulator and the Ministry of Justice and Security want? How proactive should the industry be? Is the industry ready? Other topics will be the gamification of gambling and the lower regulation that is to accompany the Remote Gaming Act.

Speakers: Gerd Simons, Manager Beleid & Advies Security & Responsible Gaming
Jeroen van Brunschot, Project manager, lead data scientist Novomatic Netherlands
Moderator: Pieter Remmers, CEO of Assissa



Gaming in Holland Awards Dinner

The Dutch industry’s only dedicated awards program is returning to recognize the operators and suppliers that have excelled in the areas of innovation, responsible gaming and commercial success in the past year. The gala awards dinner includes a charity auction, the proceeds of which will benefit Fonds Gehandicaptensport, a charitable fund for handicapped sports.

Several sponsors have kindly pledged to donate highly sought-after items or services, such as an aerobatic flight, a free billboard campaign, and tickets to a Chelsea FC football match.

Please note: the awards dinner will only be open to GiH Conference attendees.


Day sessions – 6 June 2019


Doors open for coffee and registration

Day Chair: Tom Washington, Head of Communications & PR at Genius Sports/Betgenius


The Dutch market: business developments, marketing, and B2B services

10:00 [Keynote]

The Dutch market and Holland Casino

Holland Casino CEO Erwin van Lambaart will give an update on Holland Casino’s strategy as privatization appears to be off the table for the foreseeable future. Other topics will be the imminent regulation of the Dutch online market, as well as the state-owned operator’s unique role in the Netherlands’ regulated gambling market.

Speaker: Erwin van Lambaart, CEO of Holland Casino

10:30 [Presentation]

Taking your land-based business online: strategy, technology, and synergy

Marcel Tobler, Chief Financial Officer at Grand Casino Baden, will discuss his firm’s decision to expand into the regulated Swiss online market. Mr Tobler’s presentation will not only address the strategic considerations behind this move, but also the technical requirements, as well as the expected synergy between land-based and online product offerings.

Speaker: Marcel Tobler, CFO at Grand Casino Baden


11:30 [Presentation]

The Gaming in Holland Monitor: Brand positioning in the Dutch market

The Gaming in Holland Monitor, developed in cooperation with Sherloq Market Research & Insights, is the largest and most comprehensive brand monitor about online gambling in the Netherlands. It enables participating operators to track the development of the Dutch gambling market and the position of their brand within a changing competitive field.

Speaker: Edgar de Beule, co-founder of Sherloq and Markteffect

12:00 [Presentation]

Between global compliance and customer convenience:
KYC in a changing world

Traditional KYC – name, address, date of birth – is no longer good enough. Regulatory authorities expect more. It’s not just about simply knowing who your customers are, but also about the behavior behind the name. Operators need access to identity data that is willingly shared, fully verified, and responsibly used.

Speaker: Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at Alexem Services



A winning partnership: How sports and betting can co-exist in a safe, responsible and commercially viable market

13:30 [Presentation]

The failed war: How and why match-fixing still infect sport despite millions of tax-payers' money being spent

Neither sports nor sports betting can exist without the complete trust of the public. In this keynote session, global match-fixing expert Declan Hill will uncover the truths of sports corruption and match-fixing in international sports, while discussing what the Dutch government can learn from mature betting markets when it comes to putting sports integrity at the forefront of regulation.

Speaker: Declan Hill, Investigative Journalist and Academic

14:00 [Panel]

Better together: How sports and betting can work together to protect integrity and ensure public trust in betting

Sporting bodies and betting operators must work together to ensure the sustainability of their sectors. How can we collaborate to protect sports from the threat of match-fixing? What systems can betting operators put in place to identify and act upon unusual or suspicious activities? And how can sports ensure they see a fair return on the domestic betting industry?

Speakers: Declan Hill, investigative journalist and academic
Peter Rovers, Rovers FC and former commercial director, PSV
Eric Konings, ESSA
Jack Kennedy, Director Business Development Intelligence & Investigation, Sportradar
Moderator: Tom Washington


15:10 [Panel]

The need for speed: Do sportsbooks need official sports data?

The growth of in-play betting means that fast, accurate and reliable sports data is indispensable for sportsbooks. But as sports rights holders seek to cash in on this trend, operators are increasingly being asked to pay a premium for “official” data feeds. Are betting brands getting value for money? What are the benefits to the customer and why are the risks of using unofficial feeds growing?

Speakers: David Lampitt, Managing Director Group Operations, Sportradar
Jack Davison, Chief Commercial Officer, Genius Sports Group
Moderator: Scott Longley, Clear Concise Media

15:35 [Presentation]

The final frontier: Will retail sports betting follow online and what opportunities will it present Dutch gaming and lottery operators?

The legal online sport betting market is set to boom. But where does this leave the incumbent retail operator? Might the opening of the online market provide grounds to argue that the land-based setup entails that there is a lack of horizontal consistency? Should parliament act now to legalize retail betting and what are the barriers to overcome before it can do so? And how can gaming brands maximize the cross-sell opportunities between sports betting and gaming?

Speakers: Alan Littler, Gaming Lawyer, Kalff Katz & Franssen
Sanne Muijser, General Secretary, VAN Kansspelen
Reinier Schutte, Director of Technology, Novomatic Netherlands

16:05 [Panel]

Responsible marketing: Can gambling operators harness the power of sports to grow their brands without damaging the reputation of the sector?

In markets such as Italy, the UK and Spain, politicians and regulators have begun cracking down on the widespread use of sports to promote gambling brands. But how can sports rights holders and gambling brands work together to ensure the Netherlands doesn’t follow the same path to advertising restrictions? And can self-regulation really work when it comes to betting advertising and sponsorship?

Speakers: Jaap Kalmer, Chief Commercial Officer, SBC
David Foster, Head of Regulatory Affairs, GVC Group
Moderator: Dan Waugh, Regulus Partners