Algemeen Dagblad 18.11.2013

the House of Representatives members reacted with great concern about the gambling plans of SBS.  The company will start a gambling channel and expects to generate 19 million euro over 2 years.  ‘This will, I fear, undoubtedly lead to more gambling ‘ said member of parliament, for the Labour party [ Pvda = Partij van de Arbeid]  Mei Li Vos.



As soon as on-line gambling is permitted, SBS will repurpose the ‘women’s channel’ to a gambling channel.  This is intended to entice TV -viewers  to play on-line. The coalition party is not overjoyed, party member Mei Li Vos said.  ‘Supply creates demand.  A gambling channel on the TV is easily accessible and will undoubtedly lead to more gambling’


Call TV

Member of Parliament for SP  Nine Kooiman is also critical on this issue. She recalls the ‘Call TV’, which were removed from TV by RTL and SBS. The department of Justice was of the opinion that the games generated false expectations, but  decided not to pursue the issue further after an arrangement had been made. ‘Many people got into trouble through these games of chance, even to the extent of going into debt. It is not wise to push people into addiction with  a gambling channel.’

Christian  Union considers it a ‘very bad idea’  of  SBS. ‘I cannot wait until it is dropped, said Carola Schouten on Saturday in the radio program Tros Kamerbreed. I gather that for SBS its about earning a lot of money. But it can be fatal for people who are susceptible to a gambling addiction.’

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