Algemeen Dagblad 16.11.2013


Previously sr. manager at Endemol and the current head of NTR Paul Romer spoke about a Call TV 2.0. “ A very smart strategy.”


A roulette wheel on the TV-screen, a friendly presenter who persuades the viewer to join in the game by phone, on the iPad or by remote control. Poker and other participation games are also considered.

The still to be launched fourth channel of the SBS (which already consists of SBS6, Veronica and Net5) will be a gambling channel, which is part of the Strategic Plan  2014-2016, read by  the AD. The player can play on-line after registering and, of course, depositing.  SBS hopes in this way to secure a ‘unique niche’ relative to the other newcomers  FOX, Netflix and HBO.

‘A smart strategy’, responded Paul Romer. The former director of Endemol who produced these games himself, until in 2007 they were banned.  ‘You can count on it that FOX also wants to do this. Sports and gambling fit together naturally.’

‘Smart as well, as it is dirt cheap to set up’ Romer added ‘You have a small green backdrop, a young and unknown presenter and that is all.  You have communication costs from, for example, KPN, the prize money and the rest is profit. ‘

In 2006 SBS generated some 12 million euro. But after that the regulations for games of chance were tightened and Call TV ceased to exist. The market for games of chance will open up  again from the 1st of January 2015, even though under strict regulation. Companies may apply for a license.

With the current plans in place, the broadcaster hopes to generate 19 million Euro with gambling-TV in 2 years time.

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