trouw Authorities targeting advertising of illegal gambling The gaming authority will propose measures to cut illegal providers access to social media . by Han Koch The Netherlands gaming authority will make an agreement with the  advertising world to exclude advertising of illegal gambling.With the agreement the watch dog hopes to cut out the illegal offering of gambling through social media, such as Hyves, Linked-in and Facebook. All existing obstacles to illegal gambling businesses will be enforced in this manner, according to a spokesperson for the gambling authority. Previously, agreements were made with banks on processing  payments between gamblers and illegal providers of games of chance.   Last year the gambling authority issued forty warning letters mailed to the addresses of illegal providers. Most of the gambling establishments without a permit have complied. This means that their site does not target gamblers in the Netherlands in the Dutch language anymore.The gambling site may also not use the .NLdomain for their web site anymore. Advertising aimed at the market in the Netherlands should also be omitted. Establishments which do not comply with these regulations, may be fined up to a totalof  780’000 Euro.Recently the first fine was imposed.  This was to games of chance provider Globalstars.  The establishment, domiciled in Curacao, was operating in the Netherlands using three domain names:, and   Globalstars was fined 100’000 euro. The web site of the illegal provider was in the Netherlands, the payments were processed by iDeal (only suitable for transfers in the Netherlands ) while the country code for the site was .NL More fines are expected to be issued in the coming months. The watchdog recently received further complaints about advertising by the betting site Titanbet. The advertisement is shown on an app intended for football associations and is offered  by the business ‘Amateurvoetbalapp’.  Tens of football clubs have meanwhile an app like this running. The advertisement cannot be seen on the app. However, the name of Titanbet is shown on the screenshot in the App store, the place where the app can be downloaded for free. According to a spokesperson for the Amatervoetbalapp the reference to Titanbet will be removed in a few days time. If the advertisement in the app had remained, the football clubs would have been guilty of promoting illegal gambling. Link to article (Dutch) trouw 24