a Gaming in Holland Exclusive Guestblog by KRIJCO, the first landbased business in Holland to announce an online- partnership Krijco Casino enters Dutch online market with TAIN. November 8, 2013 we released a press message with TAIN:  “Online gaming platform supplier TAIN will be providing Netherlands land-based operator Krijco with fully compliant gaming systems including casino, sportsbook and payment services for online gambling, including mobile and tablet devices, to be launched on the day the fully regulated market opens in 2015. In advance of the opening of the Dutch market, Krijco will introduce their online offering with a Play for Fun site during the first quarter of 2014”. Jacob   The Dutch regulated market is modeled on the Danish market with very similar key components, such as player identity, central register, gambling addiction prevention, player protection, fraud and risk regulations, full transparent system. The land-based tax rate of 29% is too high, and the suggested 20% tax rate for online gambling means a unequal “level playing field”. This concept is about fairness, play by the same rules for everybody. In 2014 we know what the government decides about the tax percentage and the definite rules. We have more than 40 years experience in land-based gambling in the Netherlands and abroad. The last 10 years we also realized entertainment centers. But the online sector is a totally new area. For the expansion of our brand presence into the online space, we needed a strong and experienced partner to work with. These are the qualities we found in TAIN, a Swedish company with experience all over the world and especially in Denmark. In the first quarter of 2014 we launch the “Play & Fun site”, because we must learn so much, improve all the time, “rising up to the occasion” to go live in 2015. The key word is flexibility in the choice of games, slots, live casino, bingo, sportsbook. TAIN gives us flexibility in all aspects of the online gambling market. It’s time to move now, so much to do. We must develop and implement a marketing strategy, incorporate the online issues with our land-based casinos, build a new http://www.krijco.nl website, think about our own content and training programs.  How to get a online licence in 2015, and pass the audit succesfully. Our press message has gone all over the world, we are ready for the next round. Negotiations with the suppliers about very attractive games, slots, live casino etc.

drs. Jacob Du Boeuff
Business Development Director Krijco   12.11.2013