MP Aukje de Vries (VVD) said during a debate on the government’s tax plan for 2018 that her political group is currently preparing an amendment that would replace an open-ended duration of the proposed temporary gaming tax increase with a limit of one year.

Gaming lawyers at Kalff Katz & Franssen weigh in on the issue of loot boxes in video games: “Can it be argued that the Gaming Authority is not empowered to take any action because such games fall outside of its remit? Or is this an overly formalistic approach when viewed from a consumer protection perspective […]?”

The Netherlands Gaming Authority assisted local authorities in raiding three suspected illegal gambling operations.

Malta’s gaming industry accounted for over 12% of the Maltese economy in the first half of 2017.

Simon Dunne, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Broadway Gaming, discusses several ways in which questionable affiliates are able to deceive iGaming companies.

Scientific Games has started a back-up plan for its acquisition of NYX, announcing it will simply purchase more than 50% of the shares in the provider should its proposed takeover fall through. The original takeover is in danger of being blocked by William Hill.

Billionaire Manuel Lao Hernandez is reportedly weighing whether to conduct an initial public offering or to unload its minority stake in Cirsa, Spain’s biggest casino and bingo hall operator, amid interest from investors.

While FOBTs were formally legalized in the rest of the UK in 2005, they may not be legal in Northern Ireland.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority found a Facebook post from the Health Lottery to be misleading.

Hundreds of victims of the October mass shooting in Las Vegas are suing MGM Resorts International over the attack, arguing that the owners of the hotel the gunman used to stage the assault and the organizers of the festival he targeted failed to adequately protect them.

The World Gaming Expo is on a countdown to a very successful first edition of the gaming trade-show in Monaco.