The Netherlands Gaming Authority has issued a new lottery license, the country’s sixth, to Fair Share Nederland BV. “We aim to be an addition to the existing market, both with regard to our games and the good causes we will support. We are there for all good causes in the Netherlands,” general manager Roelant Reizevoort said.

Renovation of Holland Casino Valkenburg has started.

Novomatic Netherlands gears up for the future:

In the medium- to long-term, NOVOMATIC Netherlands foresees a situation where server-supported gaming becomes the norm in the Dutch single site market, with Eurocoin Gaming becoming more of a content supplier rather than just a wholesale company selling machines. “We are very pleased with the ambition of NOVOMATIC to facilitate further growth in the Netherlands,” remarked [CEO] Paul Strikers.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority has announced it will further investigate the relationship between social gaming and gambling.

Last week, Swiss legislators gave final approval to the country’s new gambling rules, which will allow local land-based casinos to offer online casino and poker games for the first time. However, a referendum could undo the bill before it takes effect.

The UK Local Government Association (LGA), formed of local councils, has called for “greater restrictions” on betting-related advertising in order to minimize the risk of young people developing gambling problems.

If the US Supreme Court decides to overturn the federal ban on sports betting, the regulated sports betting market in the country could be worth $6.03 billion annually by 2023.

Playtech has completed its $150 million acquisition of ACM Group (Alpha).

Lottery players in the UK are reportedly “disappointed” and “furious” that lottery jackpots have reached record levels.