The Dutch government is currently exploring a number of specific scenarios to reform the Dutch lottery market. The effects of every scenario have been explored in a recently released research report.

Hakim Zoufri has won the WSOP Rotterdam High Roller Event.

The average lifetime value of multichannel customers is twice as high as that of non-multichannel customers, Ladbrokes Coral CEO Jim Mullen said during a Q2 earnings call.

Good causes increasingly feel the pinch as UK National Lottery sales fall.

Sports and betting companies top the list of donors treating UK MPs to gifts, benefits, and hospitality.

The UK gambling industry now takes £14bn a year from punters, a 65% increase since gambling laws were liberalized a decade ago.

Affiliates, pretending to be successful tipsters, “deliberately recommend losing bets to punters” in order to maximize their revenues, The Guardian reports.

In response to a UK Competitions and Markets Authority investigation, Ladbrokes Coral has adopted a much stricter oversight of its affiliates.

Caesars Entertainment announced it will launch its own sports betting app.