This is what the new Holland Casino location in Venlo will look like.

In the wake of the Joey Barton betting scandal, the English Football Association (FA) has promised to investigate whether it is appropriate for the FA to have official relationships with betting operators.

Sunday’s French presidential elections surpassed Brexit to become the second biggest political betting event ever. As the majority of bettors backed the losing candidate, Marine Le Pen, bookies had a particular good weekend.

A recent, massive DDoS attack on gambling sites in Hong Kong was likely an extortion attempt. “Gambling sites and gaming sites that have a financial component are a particularly attractive target due to the money the sites stand to lose if they are not available,” according to cybersecurity expert Kirk Soluk.

Online operator PKR has announced it is in serious financial difficulties and has suspended all gameplay.

Sports betting operator SKS365 Group surged to second place in Italy’s regulated online sports betting market in April. Italy’s regulated betting market topped the €1b mark in April, of which nearly €542m was wagered online.

Identity data intelligence specialist GBC, which is often used by online gaming operators, announced it has acquired PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere), a leading provider of UK and international address validation services, for £66m.

Australia is set to introduce a ban on gambling advertisements on television, radio and the internet during sports events broadcast live before 8:30pm.

Many professional stock traders are prone to the so-called “gambler’s fallacy,” in which punters expect a certain outcome based on a history of previous outcomes, while making investment decisions.

On Friday, the Casino de Monte Carlo welcomed film stars, business leaders, heads of state, and Monaco royalty to one of Belgian designer Charles Kaisin’s surrealist dinners.