Customer data of Dutch lottery operators Postcode Loterij, Vriendenloterij, and BankGiro Loterij has been compromised.

Marja Appelman, CEO at the Netherlands Gaming Authority called on national radio for swift enactment of the remote gaming bill by the Dutch Senate, while PvdA Senator André Postema maintained that the regulator should put more energy in enforcing existing regulation.

However, “only with the new bill can we ensure that online operators will act in accordance with the rules,” according to Jan Suyver, Chairman of the Board at the Netherlands Gaming Authority.

But will the outcome of the recent Dutch Lower House elections be an obstacle to gambling reform?

Several Dutch labor unions are considering industrial action, including strikes, against Holland Casino in order to preserve existing labor conditions.

Meanwhile, the board of Holland Casino has taken steps to transfer the land-based casino operator’s private pension fund to a general pension fund without awaiting labor union approval.

A former affiliate manager for Nordic online betting operator Betsson, Dutch national Christiaan Alexander Van Dalen, has been sentenced to six years in prison by a Maltese court for a €153k fraud.

Kindred Group calls for a swift processing of Swedish gambling reform, as well as an ambitious channelization goal, Peter Alling, Head of Public Affairs Nordics at Kindred Group said:

We know that any attempt to regulate prices, limit the choice of games, or charge high taxes will have a negative effect on channelisation.

With a channelisation goal of at least 90 percent, but preferably 95 percent, the licensing system will be credible and efficient on responsibility measures, including the proposed system for individual voluntary suspension from all gambling companies. In order to achieve that level, as many companies as possible must apply for a license in Sweden, and for that to happen there can be no uncertainties.

Skills-based games are heading to the Las Vegas Strip.