Responding to questions from MP Tjeerd van Dekken (PvdA) Minister of Security and Justice Stef Blok stated that the Netherlands is not preparing to criminalize match-fixing as such. Existing legislation that prohibits fraud and corruption suffices, the minister said.

A lucky punter won €1.7m in Holland Casino Breda playing the Mega Millions slot machine game.

Holland Casino is looking to hire a public affairs specialist.

Germany sets a collision course with the European Commission by ratifying an amended State Gambling Treaty:

[…] the Treaty has already been criticised by the EC, which offered a damning assessment of the legislation just days before the conference was due to start.

It is seen as continuing to push an unenforceable ban on online casino and poker, as well as giving those with a provisional permit an unfair advantage over new market entrants. The EC noted that it had also fundamentally changed the economic terms of operating in Germany without updating the legislation accordingly.

This means the EC could launch infringement proceedings against Germany as soon as the Treaty comes into effect.

The eSports economy will grow 41% to $696 million in 2017. Gambling companies are already profiting from that growth:

Three years ago, a traditional betting company stated that esports was already its seventh-biggest sport worldwide in terms of betting volume, positioning esports above golf and tennis.

Playtech has picked Pass It Forward as its online philanthropy platform.

“The new Lucky Dragon Casino is creating a stir on the Las Vegas Strip by using the rolling chip program to award comps and discounts to table game players. The rolling chip program is based off of tracking non-negotiable chips for player losses, instead of relying on pit bosses to estimate how much money players are gambling. The efficient system is popular with casino operators in Macau due to the analytics and customer retention it help provides,” SeekingAlpha writes.

USA Mutuals’ Vice Fund specifically invests in tobacco, alcohol, arms and gambling companies.