The results checker of Staatsloterij malfunctioned following the operator’s New Year’s Eve draw. Some players are claiming that threw away their winning tickets. According to gaming lawyer Frank Tolboom of Kalff Katz & Franssen, these players are out of luck, even though some form of legal settlement would not be entirely unthinkable. But only if these punters will somehow be able to prove that they actually owned a winning ticket.

Postcode Loterij founder Boudewijn Poelmann donated his shares in Novamedia, the company owning the Postcode Lottery format, to a non-profit foundation. Poelmann discusses the reasons for his donation with talkshow host Eva Jinek.

Arjan van ‘t Veer, speaker at the 2015 edition of the Gaming in Holland Conference, responded to Mathijs Bouman, who claimed earlier that participating in the Staatsloterij’s New Year’s Eve draw is a fool’s errand.

What will the future of the binary options industry look like in 2017?

Another trend is the introduction of platforms that are more fun – instead of being marketed as investment products, some binary options operators are focusing on the game aspect of the products. Why make people deposit big sums of money and make them dream about a new house, when instead the much more realistic prospect of a gaming product could attract many small depositors.

This business model will hinge on reducing the costs of client acquisition to a level that can justify the effort of building and maintaining a platform and a brokerage. With all cards on the table, with no illusions sold, this business model may well have a brighter future.

Which gaming stocks should you invest in in 2017? Stay out of the Eurozone, CalvinAyre warns.