Last night, we were happy to welcome some new as well as many familiar faces at the well-attended Gaming in Holland business drinks and networking event. Discussions were lively and, we hope, informative. It was good to catch up. We hope to see you again soon!

The Holland Casino branch in Eindhoven has joined “Samen voor Eindhoven,” an organization dedicated to responsible entrepreneurship and local social involvement.

The election of Donald Trump as US President, together with complete Republican control of the federal legislature, will probably spell the end, for the foreseeable future, of all meaningful attempts to legalize of online gaming in the country, according to several observers.

Quite a few UK bookmakers, however, profited from the election outcome, as around 75% of all stakes were wagered on defeated candidate Hillary Clinton. Paddy Power Betfair, by contrast, lost around €3m, after paying out early last month to customers who had bet on Clinton to win.

Smaller operators in the online gaming sector have a window of opportunity to snatch market share away from the “mega-merger giants,” as these big firms may struggle with front-end integration:

As Hills’ recent troubles proved, new product innovation and front-end slickness count for naught if customers can’t access your site. And while DDoS attacks are thankfully still rare, downtime isn’t and nobody should underestimate the scale of some of these integration and migration tasks; nor the scale of some of the platform updates underway at some other large operators.

What we may have is a small 12 month window where rival operators can look to steal a march on the mega-merger giants. Once PPB is operating on a single platform and can pour its considerable resource into product innovation then it will be a brave man who thinks they not have the firepower to blow the smaller players out of the water.

But for now there seems to be an opportunity for some of the many new entrants such as Sun Bets, Leo Vegas and Mr Green to make their mark. The question is whether they will take it.