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A Dutch card player, who did not declare his online poker winnings to the Dutch Revenue Service, revealed his PokerStars alias in a YouTube video, which subsequently allowed a Revenue Service inspector to trace the player’s undeclared earnings.

Professional poker player Phil Ivey recently lost two court cases in the UK and in the US against casinos that either refused to pay his winnings or sued Ivey for fraud. While Ivey’s actions lacked dishonesty, a necessary component of criminal fraud, he was still found guilty of cheating on account of his use of “edge sorting,” which gave him an unfair advantage that the game itself precludes. The UK court’s verdict made Ivey therefore, in a sense, an honest cheater.

Innovation Labs, an online marketing company driving high quality traffic to iGaming businesses, is looking to hire a Dutch Site & Content Manager.

An unnamed Dutch start-up in the gaming sector is looking to partner up with a lawyer, preferably with international experience.

While women account for only 9% of French online sports bettors, the number of new female betting accounts rose 85% in Q3, while new male accounts gained only 43%, according to figures released French gaming regulator ARJEL.

Spain’s Loteria de Cataluny has launched scratchards with strawberry scent.