Gaming consultant Daniel Waugh at Regulus Partners comments on the latest proposals by the UK Government to enforce strict regulation: “[…] it is not actually the role of government to articulate a more positive vision for gambling. It is up to the industry itself – and in recent years it has not done a particularly effective job of this. […] We in Britain do need a vision for gambling if we are to escape the cycle of boom and bust (or liberalisation and repression) but we should not rely for this on either government or the regulator.”

Of the major European sports betting operators, William Hill sports the broadest range of football betting offers, while Svenska Spel takes the last rank.

Amsterdam-based law firm Kalf Katz & Franssen is looking to hire a Senior Associate Lawyer for its gaming practice.

Meanwhile, gaming lawyer Alan Littler at Kalf Katz & Franssen looks back at “the developments which very nearly did not take place during the early days of July 2016,” i.e., the ultimately successful passage of the remote gaming bill by the Dutch Lower House.

Free drinks being handed out to people playing the games in Las Vegas casinos may soon be a thing of the past.

Medialivecasino’s live dealer games are now available to the customers of Italian operator Microgame.