Exclusive interview) Focus Gaming News had an exclusive one-on-one interview with founder and CEO of the eSports wagering services provider Unikrn.com.

Rahul Sood shared his insights on responsible eSports betting, video games, legalisation and regulation, Unikrn future plans and more.

e-Sports betting shady sites prey on underage and vulnerable audiences as the lack of regulations favours its operations. Is legalisation the answer? Wouldn’t it be more effective to simply block access to these websites through internet providers?

First, it’s not specifically “esports betting” – it’s more “gambling on video games”.  Specifically these sites are like voyeuristic slot machines, where people deposit their entire virtual items then spin a wheel and hope to win.  It’s purely a game of chance that’s unregulated, and not licensed.  I’m not sure how these sites can be regulated.  Unikrn exists to create safe, legal, and responsible environments for our customers to bet on esports and video games.  We do not condone these websites activities in any way.

In the event of legalising e-Sports in key markets, which are the most important aspects new regulations should cover?

First, I believe they should cover odds betting on professional tournaments, similar to sports betting.  The books that licensed websites carry should be regulated.  The sites should practice responsible gambling and not support underage or cross border betting.   There should always be some element of skill when placing a wager online.

Are the measures taken by legal e-Sports websites to check and verify players’ age actually effective?

I cannot speak for other sites, but the process that Unikrn created is 100% effective.  We only accept real money wagering from places where we are licensed, from customers who are verified residents, and who are legally allowed to wager.  Both Unikrn and our partner, Tabcorp, take responsible wagering very seriously, and we are very diligent about our processes.

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Source: “I believe that sports betting should be legal and regulated globally” – Focus GN