For eSports to really explode, the video gaming industry needs to shift from focusing on interested individuals mostly watching competitions to actually participating in them. That is the position of Adam Sellke, CEO and co-founder of Evolve Labs and a major reason why his company has introduced a new concept called Evolve Arenas – a suite of eSports gaming sites offering instant bracketless player vs. player and team competitions with real money on the line.

Evolve Arenas launches with two online gaming platforms. BlackFlag is a head-to-head, five vs. five League of Legends team competition. Newly announced Rocketeer is an individual vs. individual arena built around popular independent game Rocket League. Evolve Labs plans on unveiling new arenas featuring additional top-tier eSports titles in the coming months.

The idea is simply that people enjoy competition more when there is some money being staked. The competition is enhanced when a wager is on the line.

“Hands-on gaming for cash, even if it’s only for a few bucks, adds a level of intensity and excitement to the experience that regular gaming or even daily fantasy gaming can’t match,” said Sellke. “Playing eSports for pride and pizza money with Evolve Arenas is the new poker night with friends!”

 Sellke and his team have focused on two extremely popular eSports titles, which should draw a lot of intrigue from existing eSports participants as well as amateur players who are looking to enhance the competition.

Rocket League has over 12 million players and has earned more than $70 million in sales since July 2015. Over 67 million unique users play more than 30 million League of Legends matches each month on Evolve HQ, a 2 million member-strong social network and collaboration platform for PC gamers that is owned by Evolve Labs.

Source: eSports Is Evolving To Focus On Real Money Wagering – Forbes