[MUSIC] It’s that time of year again when the world’s mobile industry descends on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the biggest annual industry tech event. With just days to go before the show opens its doors, Mobile World Live brings you this special preview of what we can expect to see at this year’s event.

[MUSIC] >> This really started as a small conference where you had operators coming together, a few speeches. It developed through actually the vendors saying, hey we’d like to come there and be a part of this, and exhibit at this. It started to grow into what became the show, moved through various locations, we all remember Cannes, and those fun days down on the beach.

And of course now in Barcelona with 95,000 people attending last year, thousands of companies exhibiting. It really is an incredible story of growth, that probably reflects really, really well on the growth of our industry. >> With more than 2000 exhibitors,

Source: Video Feature: MWC 2016 Preview – Mobile World Live