A former gaming analyst from Denmark has started what he says is the world’s first online gambling site for betting on share movements. And the government is keen to jump into the venture as stock-market watching goes mainstream.

“We are highly committed to following new trends in the gaming market, and we think that this game has potential,” said Sofie Ustrup, spokeswoman for Danske Spil, the state-owned gambling company. “Regular people in Denmark are now starting to pay attention to the stock market, and it has become normal, not just for experts.”

Fibetco, based in Copenhagen, hired the tech team that developed the Hitman third-person shooter game series to create BetOnFinance, said founder Jeff Saul, who also served on the senior management team at foreign exchange broker Saxo Bank.

Players can decide which companies in a basket of 30 they think will be the day’s top performer, or among the top three. They can also bet on the losers. Among the stocks included are Tesla, Netflix and the biotech firm Gilead. Those that didn’t make the cut because they’re too stable: Berkshire Hathaway and Nike, Saul said.