By Peter Woerde
As a close-up magician I have specialized in cheating with cards. In 2004 I went to a dealerschool in Las Vegas to get a certificate in dealing blackjack. Since then, I can be booked at parties to perform as a cheating blackjack dealer. Players will get some chips which I will win back with different cheating techniques at the blackjack table. In between I will entertain the players with strong gambling related magic and I may even explain some of the cheating I did.
For small groups I can give workshops in which I first show what a good card cheat can do with a deck of cards after which I will teach the participants some basics in cheating which they can then try out on their friends. I finish with an entertaining act in which one of the participants seems to be doing all the cheating. I became Dutch National Champion in Card Magic with this act in 2010.
Finally I could advise casinos and pokerdealers on why certain procedures are important to follow during the game to prevent cheating. What should you look for as a dealer but also what should you do as a dealer to prevent anyone from suspecting you of cheating so it’s clear your game is above board.
Peter Woerde will be our special guest at the Official Dinner of the Gaming in Holland Conference on June 22nd at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant FIFTEEN, Sponsored by the City of Amsterdam. (Dutch)