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logo_Holland_inLicensed Gaming Companies in the Netherlands to Introduce Joint Slogan

All gaming and betting companies, including lotteries, currently licensed to operate in the Netherlands are introducing a joint slogan, which is to be included in all future advertising.

The slogan “Speel bewust” (“Play responsibly”) is meant to promote responsible gaming.

As such, this slogan, thought up in close cooperation with public authorities, expresses the legal obligation of all license holders to protect players from overspending and addiction.

Playtech Set to Expand in Dutch Gaming Market

Playtech, the fourth largest online gaming company, has set its sights on expansion in the Netherlands, according to its annual report.

Listed among its operational highlights, the company announced it has signed an agreement with Holland Casino “for the provision of casino, Live, bingo and poker ahead of forthcoming regulations in the Netherlands.”

“The Board continues to evaluate the potential for further value-enhancing acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, focusing on regulated markets,” the annual report adds.

Playtech is coming… soon.

Unibet to Be Shut Out?

Meanwhile, a potential competitor and another major player in the international gaming sector, may be barred from legally entering the Dutch market.

Dutch Representative Mei Li Vos (PvdA) has officially asked State Secretary for Security and Justice Fred Teeven to consider whether Unibet has violated Dutch online gaming regulations.

While it is not illegal for inhabitants of the Netherlands to engage in online gaming, foreign online gambling companies are currently prohibited from specifically tailoring their services to Dutch audiences.

Representative Vos now deems that Unibet has violated this prohibition.

The Dutch House of Representatives decided in 2011 that foreign gaming companies that break current rules will be denied a license to operate on the soon-to-be regulated Dutch gaming market.

If State Secretary Teeven agrees with Vos’ assessment, Unibet could thus find itself shut out from the Dutch gaming market.

Despite Digital Revenue Rise, Falling Profits at Ladbrokes

“UK bookmaker Ladbrokes has reported a fall in year-on-year profit for 2014 after an increase in digital revenue was offset by wider costs in the business, resulting in the closure of 60 betting shops,” iGaming Business reports.

While Deutsche Bank recently predicted another bleak year for Ladbrokes, New York-based investment firm BlackRock acquired a 4,77% stake in the gaming and betting company.

Is a much-needed turnaround for Ladbrokes in the offing? At least one major investor seems to think so.

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