Size Matters

Who are the 10 largest online gaming companies by market capitalization? How much are they worth? Check out this helpful graph from the Wall Street Journal and see for yourself.

The WSJ further reports that the current wave of new gaming regulation in Europe will be adding costs, but is also expected to clear up legal ambiguity.

New taxes “could bite hard, pressuring [smaller] companies to consolidate,” according to Playtech CEO Mor Weizer.

(A quick reminder: Mr. Weizer is scheduled to speak at the 2015 Gaming in Holland Conference, which will be held in Amsterdam on June 22 & 23.)

Bigger competitors, on the other hand, will be in a much better position to capitalize on the disappearance of regulatory and governance uncertainty, on new opportunities for payment processing, and on fresh investor interest.

Thus, despite William Hill and 888 unexpectedly calling off takeover talks earlier this week, more deal-making is still expected.

Five Arrested in The Netherlands for Illegal Sports Betting

Earlier this week, five individuals were arrested on suspicion of running a large-scale, illegal soccer betting and money laundering racket. One individual is also suspected of being involved in match fixing.

Rutger-Jan Hebben, director of Speel Verantwoord, comments: “Protecting the integrity of sports is a top priority to virtually all bookmakers. Regulating the online betting market allows for oversight and could therefore be our strongest weapon in the fight against match fixing.”

Dutch Gaming Regulator Will No Longer Assess Financial Instruments

Following a recent decision by the District Court of Rotterdam, the Dutch Gaming Regulator (“Kansspelautoriteit”) has asked the Justice Department to ensure that financial instruments can no longer legally qualify as games of chance.

While awaiting the final decision of the Justice Department, the Kansspelautoriteit will cease assessing financial instruments in relation to Dutch gaming law.

Gaming in Holland LinkedIn Community Welcomes Its 1300th Member!

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