Owners of casinos and gambling halls are preparing a legal case against the Secretary of State Fred Teeven. They want him to adjust his bill to legalize online gambling and are demanding a hefty compensation.

bnr   Bas Jongmans of Gaming Legal Solicitors acts on behalf of the casino business owners.

“The business owners have a lot of staff, a lot of jobs, and are now faced with a very bad bill which will lead to unnecessary job losses.” One of the problems is that different tax rates are used. “We have a tax rate for the land-based casinos and a tax rate for the online casinos”. The rates for the online casinos are much lower and according to Jongmans many parties have already warned of this imbalance. “And it turns out that the Secretary of State Teeven has completely disregarded this. That is teeming with arrogance and business owners cannot leave it at that.”


Compliance with the new law will also be very costly. “The legislation ensures that the registration of players in online casinos will become extremely expensive. Altogether it is a set of measures costing 50 million and these business owners cannot afford that.” That money may be in a service number to be completed for example.


At first glance, this might just be positive for the ‘offline’ casinos. But “land-based casinos must also move to the future. Online casinos are the future and land-based casinos must be transformed into online casinos.” But with the new legislation, Dutch casinos must invest too much to enter the market, which means they cannot compete with foreign parties. “What you are seeing at the moment is a policy where foreigners, a large consortium, will cover the market and that the Dutch get no chance.”

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