On the 23rd of July, 2014, the Remote Gaming Bill was presented to the House of Representatives (Netherlands). 
Several documents have appeared on the amendment of the Gaming Law, the Law on gaming tax and other Laws with regard to the organization of remote gambling. 

For the Parliamentary Papers, Bill (Law proposal), further report and explanatory memorandum please see the House of Representatives website: Gazette

Treatment of the Remote Gambling Bill:
The Remote Gambling Bill has gone to the House of Representatives. The treatment will go through these six phases: 

Phase 1: Cabinet approves, Bill goes to the Council of State for advice. >COMPLETED
Phase 2 Bill submitted to House of Representatives, written procedure. > COMPLETED
Phase 3: Registered for plenary by the House of Representatives. 
Phase 4 House of Representatives has passed the Bill, submitted to the Senate; written procedure. 
Phase 5: Registered for plenary by the Senate. 
Phase 6: Senate has passed the Bill, publication in the Government Paper.


Source: KSA: http://www.kansspelautoriteit.nl/nieuws/alle-nieuwsberichten/2014/juli/wetsvoorstel/