In anticipation of new regulatory measures, a group of i-gaming providers have come together and taken the initiative in the area of responsible gaming. The object is to protect immoderate players as much as possible from themselves.

Having established a foundation, the group of providers have set high standards for themselves in opting for a quality mark in a graded system such as the popular star rating system.

The process to achieve this certification will proceed in phases, starting with a baseline measurement against the CEN 58 standard. All companies that have signed up to this process will be certified by NMi against this standard. The purpose of the baseline measurement is to identify the current quality standards of the affiliated parties and to see how these compare respectively.

The CEN 58 standard is ideal for this purpose because it clearly defines what should be regulated while not specifying how this should be achieved. It will be open to each participating provider to implement the standard in their own way. Each will be free to join the foundation and to commit themselves to the quality mark; however the eventual standard is not meant to be without obligation. Ultimately, the grading will indicate the extent to which they are in compliance with the standard. The advantage with this process is that it will offer an indication for the authorities in regard to the input and professionalism of the gaming provider in terms of player protection, marketing or other requirements.

This can clear the way for a harmonisation of standards for responsible gaming in a European context, without having to directly impact on the legislative frameworks in the different countries.